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Flat-Roof Repair for Oona Cares

Reken Roofing Team

Flat-Roof Repair for Oona Cares

Address: 656 Queensway, Toronto

Reken Roofing Team recently undertook a comprehensive flat-roof repair project for Oona Cares, prioritizing both quality and cost-effectiveness. Our client approached us with budget concerns, and we were dedicated to addressing their needs without compromising on the restoration process.

Reken Roofing Team

Challenges and Solutions

Budget Considerations

Oona Cares expressed budget constraints, and our team ensured that the project remained cost-effective while delivering optimal results.

Gravel Removal

The initial phase involved the careful removal of gravel from the flat roof. All debris was responsibly disposed of in designated disposal bins, ensuring a clean and safe work environment.

Sloping for Proper Water Flow

We meticulously applied the necessary materials to slope the roof, facilitating proper water flow and preventing future water accumulation issues.

Skylight Waterproofing

The flat roof featured a significant skylight, requiring specialized attention to ensure complete waterproofing. Our team employed industry-best practices to guarantee the longevity and integrity of the skylight.

AC Unit Disconnection and Reconnection

In the course of the project, we expertly disconnected and later reconnected AC units. This was done with precision to minimize disruption and ensure seamless functionality

New Eavestrough Installation

As part of our commitment to comprehensive roofing solutions, we provided Oona Cares with a new eavestrough. This addition enhances the overall efficiency of water drainage from the roof, contributing to its longevity.

Reken Roofing Team

Project Highlights


The Value was between $30,000 - $35,000

21,600 pounds of gravel

Recycled Material
Start Date

The start date was “May 1st 2023” and ended “May 9th 2023”

Reken Roofing Team

Project Completion & Documentation:

Upon completion of the project, our team utilized drone technology to capture high resolution photos showcasing the restored flat roof. These images not only serve as a visual testament to the project’s success but also provide Oona Cares with a comprehensive overview of the after-results.

Reken Roofing Team takes pride in delivering not just a repaired roof but a revitalized and upgraded roofing system that meets the unique needs of our clients. Our commitment to quality, efficiency, and client satisfaction sets us apart in the roofing industry.

For inquiries or to discuss your roofing needs, feel free to contact Reken Roofing Team. Trust us to turn your roofing challenges into success stories.